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Quality Engraving you can trust.

Celebrate your team's victory with our stunning Soccer Ball trophy. It comes in a wide range of sizes to accomodate a range of achievements. Its realistic soccer ball design is sure to impress any soccer enthusiast.


The trophy can be personalized with custom engraving to commemorate the achievement of your winning team. Whether it's for a local tournament or a professional league, this Soccer Ball trophy is the perfect way to honor the hard work and dedication of your players.

Soccer Ball

PriceFrom $11.50
  • Extra Small trophy: 63mm (25mm centre)
    Small trophy: 70mm (25mm centre)
    Medium trophy: 95mm (25mm centre)
    Large trophy: 125mm (25mm centre)
    Extra Large trophy: 160mm (50mm centre)
    2X Large trophy: 184mm (50mm centre)

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